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We will not give you a long history.
Instead, we will share a nice moment.
The moment when Feel Good was born.

Green Tea has a rich and fruitful history that has extended all corners of the world. The founder of Feel Good knew and appreciated the love that our world has for Green Tea. He decided in one moment, to start a movement. A movement of Freedom, of Optimism, of Simplicity, and of Clarity.

For those who dare to be innovative, unique, and to reach for something in spite of all odds. His dream was to refresh, excite and enamor the world with the beverage he loved most; and so he created Feel Good.

Feel Good and all its delicious refreshing flavors hail from the beautiful land of Brazil. Feel Good continues to be the number one Iced Tea in Brazil for good reason; zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs but all the flavor.

We brought Feel Good to the US because we know it’s the light but flavorful, guilt-free iced tea that you’ve all been waiting for. So go ahead, have a Feel Good, you’ll be glad you did.

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